Welcome to The Well TRVLD Life!!!  It has been more than 30 days since my wife the ribbon for our retail shop WELL TRVLD at the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and the response has been exceptional!  *I've ask MRS Chrish to introduce  herself next:)  We’ve TRVLD and met TRVLRS from all over the country; East Texas, Buffalo, Detroit, The Chi, Vegas, LA, Compton, Alabama, Fort Lauderdale, H-Town, Brooklyn, San Jose, Upstate New York and many more.  And of course we've met folks from BaltimoreSOUL, DC PROPER and Compton!

Blogs have been a long running cultural staple but what we aim to do, is build a community of TRVLRS that share their journeys with us.  Of course we’ll be sharing a curated mix of places to visit, spots to eat at, sights to see and things to do with beautiful photography, while sharing what our community of travelers have experienced on their journeys.  My personal journey to me, took me from Southeast DC PROPER, to New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Virginia, Maryland, Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Long Beach and Compton.  So of these places I visited, some I've lived in, some I've worked in but each have inspired me uniquely. 

Every journey has a take off and a landing and our focus at WELL TRVLD is making sure you dress FLY for everything in between!  We are excited to call you TRVLRS, and can’t wait to hear about your journeys.  


-Michael Warren, Co-Owner of WELL TRVLD™

Los Angeles, CA - Getty Museum


Chillin in Paris


Posing in Soho New York 


Cafe hopping in London


Sightseeing in Paris 


Taking it all in - Malibu

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